Jun 5, 2009

Someone shoot at me please?


Boredom is more than just a need for mental stimulation. The very instance of boredom can make individuals do things they wouldn't normally do. The first signs of extereme boredom are leaving your normal social comfort zone. Boredom has the same affect as alcohol, except it takes a longer period of time. Here is an example of alcohols affects on your inhibition.

When you first went to the bar you came with great intentions. I'm going to get her number and relieve some stress. As you drank more and more your inhibitions started to lower. As your inhibitions lower your intentions change. Now you want to have sex with her and kick the mouthy guys ass.

The course of the above example is over a very short period of time. My approximate average for this change in feelings is two hours. Boredom takes longer but has the same exact affects. Your inhibitions slowly disappear each day. Small layers of your "social safety-comfort barrier" begin to disappear.

Week 1
I'm in Kuwait, I'm going to do the right thing. I will wear my uniform, be respectful and follow basic Army rules.

Week 3
I'm in Kuwait, I'm going to do mostly the right thing. I will wear civilian clothes sometimes, be semi obnoxious and follow most basic Army rules.

Week 5
I'm in Candy land, I'm going to do my thing. I will wear civilian clothes always, be blatantly disrespectful to Non Combat Arms soldiers. I will follow create new Army rules to better suite project mayhem.

You can see where this example is leading. You can estimate by Week 15 to 21 Lord of the Flies Syndrome occurs. That is however for another discussion later in your lessons.
Now we understand there are different levels of boredom. How do I know what level of boredom someone is currently at? Everyone loses there comfort zones at different times. There is no singular rule for all humans. However you can test to see what level of boredom someone is at. First you must identify some things about the person. What are a couple of things, generally three, that would take away said boredom? You must however do this without asking the person whats making them bored. Usually just by someone showing up they volunteer the information.

You: Whats up man?
Bored Guy 1: Nothing, bored...
You: What are you doing?
Bored Guy 1: My video game system broke, I have nothing to do

So we have identified that our subject is bored. We have also identified the 'source' of boredom to be a broken video game system. There are many avenues of approach at this point. I will save the more complex avenues for later in your lessons. Right now lets focus on the phrase: 'Individual Boredom Exploitation'. IBE is a self explanatory term. Individual is one, boredom is being without stimulation and exploitation is to take advantage of. By choosing the IBE approach we have two approaches. You can take more history on the individuals reasons for boredom. This however only applies in the least explanative cases. This may make you bored, peoples reasons for being bored just plain suck. You can begin the best part, exploitation!

Me: Maybe you should treat your stuff better
Bored Guy 1: I do treat it very good
Me: Then is wouldn't have broke, if you didn't toss it around
Bored Guy 1: I don't toss it around
Me: Whatever Mr. 'I toss around my video game system'..... moron
Bored Guy 1: Whatever, Shut the f*** up

The example above is your first step. Create 'acute anger response'. You must raise the persons emotions a little bit. Now they have refocused there anger on what actually made them bored. The purpose of this is to generate emotion. Nothing can be exploited without emotion. Boredom dilutes emotion so we must bring a small amount of it back.

Me: Dude what would you do to have your video game system work?
Bored Guy 1: Anything
Me: Really, like Anything, Anything?
Bored Guy 1: Almost anything...
Me: Would you dive off that semi high bridge into the water?
Bored Guy 1: Only if there is a rescue boat....
Me: Focus on the task at hand... would you jump off that bridge into the water?
Bored Guy 1: I don't see why not

Two things occurred in the conversation above. With my emotion generated from my last conversation I begin to lower his inhibitions. I have translated his acute anger into 'questionable inhibitions'. Basically take anger and divide it by risk taking and you get questionable inhibitions. This all occurs in the subconscious mind. The beauty of the process is the person being exploited doesn't know its occurring. Once again I know your saying, whats the point? I am easing the person into doing something I want. Its kind of like moving slow with a female. The light guy has more a job then the performers on stage, you just don't know it.

Me: Would you jump off the side of the house into mattresses for it to work?
Bored Guy 1: Hell yeah!
Me: You would never jump off the side of the house, your a wimp [insert past example of person being a wimp]
Bored Guy 1: Whatever dude, I'd totally do it.
Me: Lets set up the mattresses

Now this part is key, we have everything in place. While you set up the dare, or wild event you must keep him motivated to do it. Encourage him with past examples of his bravery. Admit he could have beat you a couple times you wrestled. Whatever it takes, keep him motivated. Remember he hasn't actually said 'he'd do it'.

Me: Mattresses in place
Bored Guy 1: I don't know about this man
Me: Dude, your the man, you got this, think about it, its a great story
[Continue to reassure as to safety, confidence or any other concerns that arise]
Bored Guy 1: Alright man I got this

Now you see how boredom can be exploited, you should try it on people you know. It looks easy here but it takes practice. This is a non-complex scenario, so use this as a guideline.

Find someone bored and get them to do something very basic. Have them take YOUR trash out, or clean YOUR sink. These are fairly easy and harmless for a beginner.

"Boredom will always remain the greatest enemy of school disciplines. If we remember that children are bored, not only when they don't happen to be interested in the subject or when the teacher doesn't make it interesting, but also when certain working conditions are out of focus with their basic needs, then we can realize what a great contributor to discipline problems boredom really is. Research has shown that boredom is closely related to frustration and that the effect of too much frustration is invariably irritability, withdrawal, rebellious opposition or aggressive rejection of the whole show." - Fritz Redl author of the book 'When we deal with Children'

(The paragraphs below are best read to the song 'The Verve Pipe - Bittersweet Symphony'. Start reading below when the song hits 17 seconds in. Trust me. Try it and see what I mean, or don't and never understand.)

This guy fails to realize these rules apply to adults. However this poor guy isn't complex enough to understand adults. Defeating boredom is an adaptive science. Everyone thinks 'make it more interesting and they won't be bored'. The only true way to defeat boredom is give people an adrenaline rush.

Everyday of there life they will prepare, mentally, physically and emotionally for that adrenaline rush again. Why do you think 'near death experiences' supposedly change people. They say that there life is renewed. Its not 'near death' its that shot of adrenaline. You crave the adrenaline again, so you strive to better yourself. That way when it comes again your ready for it. You will remember better and it will be better.. at least that's what we think. Shrinks are payed to find complexities in mental problems. There not designed to find the simple answers. If you think all of that is bullshit then why am I going on my third tour overseas? If you think its for the money, patriotism, or anything else your wrong. I just want to feel adrenaline again. Can someone shoot at me please?

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