Jun 25, 2009

Oh where for out thou beer?

In my mind, europe is a magical land where you are free to do anything. Everything is socially acceptable and endorsed (ignored) by the government and law. I'm not talking in the sense of cross dressers and serial killers running amock. They aren't as prude as we Americans. For starters we don't allow our military to drink when deployed. The europeans wouldn't do anything if they couldn't drink.

A wise American will tell you that drinking in a war zone increases substantiated risk, creates carelessness and has unpredictable consequences. However that wise American is a complete tool and a fraud. He sits upon his cloud of morals and ethics and throws them down upon us like lighting. We the Americans take his abuse and happily change our laws and ways in his reign. My favorite thing about this omnient moral self proclaimed man is he garbage himself. He is probably cheating on his wife, doing cocaine or sifting money from a non-profit organization. Even if he isn't doing any of this what gives him the right to bestow his sense of right and wrong on the rest of us. Furthermore how is he any different then you and I.

The europeans happily walk to and from the shower trailors in there underwear. This applies to female and male. Americans put our t-shirt in shorts, even though in our own homes we do not do this. There comfort level baffles me, but I embrace it by doing the same. This is why plastic surgery does so well in America. We are not comfortable with ourselves and are extremely dependant on our image. The europeans are a little more loose and good for them.

I'm not saying its bad to be an American. I love our way of life, and I would happily burn nationalised medical care ideas created by our government. As I may love european women for there openess about sexuality. I also loathe them for the fear that they would never become a woman I could love for a life time. A single mans dream, a married mans curse. In the course of things we have small differences. All this to complain about not being able to drink in a war zone.

Its okay though, brown listerine bottles kick ass. If you don't know what that means think about it.

To the British, French, Dutch, Romanians, Candians, Egyptians (yeah them too), and other countries serving out here, thank you. You guys have cool stores on the air base for me to choose from. However you need to lower the freakin EURO!!!


Krista said...

Oh where for out thou YOU?! Just want to make sure you're ok GI JOE :)

Chris said...

Thank you for your service. I have a political blog you might like.