Jun 19, 2009

What infantryman smell like

I spoke to some infantryman leaving Afghanistan from the Unit we are replacing. I spoke to them about things I couldn't say on here. Pretty much just finding out about the enemey situation.

There hair was long and untamed. Ears oily and blackheads growing on pours which had never been exposed to dirt. They smelled of CLP (Cleaning Lubricant and Protectant), which is the oil used to clean weapons. They had fire in there eyes and confidence about them. Eyes that haven't gazed upon a woman in a long time. Laughter as they spoke of shooting Taliban. The uniforms they wore were covered in a dirt sweat mixture of the hell they endured. Beauty to my eyes. These men fought a war and lived to tell the tale. I envy them, in a year I will be them once again.

Don't have alot of time... on the move! Get to the Choppa! <--- CLUE

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