May 28, 2009

Oh you didn't get the memo?

"Hey theres a meeting at 1300 at the MWR"... "Hey theres a meeting 2100 at the MWR"..."Did you hear about the 0800 meeting at Starbucks"..."Its at 1700 now Captain _____ is sick"..."Its the meeting for the meeting about scrubbing the meeting roster"..."Why weren't you at the meeting, Seargent First Class ______ was asking for your input"..."You missed another meeting where were you?"..."HEY THE MEETING IS AT 2000 AT STARBUCKS.. BE THERE"..."Dude it was 1800 not 2000"..."If you hurry you can get over there"..."Captain _____ needs your numbers for personnel again, he lost them"..."CAPTAIN _______ NEEDS YOUR NUMBERS AGAIN HE LOST THEM"..."Captain ______ commented on your comments about his accountibility at the last meeting"..."We need collate copied and fascimiled to there battalions, this came from the meeting"..."At the meeting they said you have the keys to the tricons"..."Hey theres a meeting at 1300 at the MWR"

This is an accurate description of a 48 hour period of time. In this 48 hour period of time we only conducted four meetings. I attended part of one. It didn't go over very well that I was eating buffalo wings. It didn't go over very well that I attended part of one. It didn't go over very well that I don't care.

Meetings are great tools utilized by many throughout the ages. An orgranization of thought, resources and experienced minds. Through a meeting a well thought out plan can be created. A time line, utilization of resources, perpetual problems and personnel allocation occur in a meeting. You diminish, damage or destroy this ability by having multiple meetings about the same subjects in a short amount of time. If nothing has changed, why are we still talking? Lets execute our plans, please? Nope, can't do that, theres another meeting. These meetings take middle management and turn them into evil leaders. They create like minded evil in there suboordinates. Work flow is disrupted, calculated risk is increased and motivation is lost. Within these perpetual sects these employees tout tones of agression about there seinor leadership. Thus defeating the very mission the seinor leadership is undertaking. Destroying there careers and creating disgusting marks for them to explain during evaluations of there job. There 'upward approach' to there career is rounded off, never to grow again. Now another relic of the career. Self demise is poetic, unlike fight club, hitting bottom at this level often leads to non recovery. Binge drinking and loss of immediate family through agonizing court battles. Loss of respect by friends and neighboors. Inability to pay all financing charges, they stack quickly. Once the home is foreclosed upon and you have descended into your next lower class you pick up prescription medication habits. These help you sleep without guilt. You drive that 1990 toyota to your new job. You get payed less, have less and live in the broken side of town. OR YOU COULD AVOID ALL OF THIS... and stop having so many meetings.

"I'd like to move us right along to a Peter Gibbons. Now we had a chance to meet this young man, and boy that's just a straight shooter with upper management written all over him. " - Bob Slydell, quoted from the movie Office Space (He spoke out, got appraisial, got fired, rehired, he quit and got a new job. His character is a hero to all of us.)

"You can take your beatings on your knees or standing up; those who stood up were often killed anyway; those who were on there knees had already died." - Me, Will Rockwell


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Krista said...

LOL, my weekly lab meeting consist of overviewing what happened in the last week and what needs to happen in the near future, but really its just a change to get our lab coordinator to sit down for 30min so we can schedule individual meeting with him to discuss what's REALLY important :P I feel ya GI JOE :)